SK: Skunk on Saturday Night Live

Fri May 17 16:48:34 PDT 2002

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SkunkLady2 at writes:

<< Yep......There was one on Leno and IN MY OPINION,he mostly made the boy 
and the skunk look foolish. >>

Well, Michael did a good enough job making himself look silly, I hate to say. 
 He was very nervous, but Jay did/does poke fun at people.  I have to admit 
that I was in stitches when he threw the mushroom over his shoulder when 
leaving the "mushroom expert" girl.

I didn't notice him making Mochaccino look foolish though.  How do you feel 
he did that?  He was a very well behaved boy that day.  I was flipping out 
back stage when Michael kept leaving Mocha unattended on a table, but by 
miracle he stayed put.

It was really nice getting together with Linda Rose's family for the show.  I 
talked The Stinking Rose restaurant into giving Michael a free dinner that 
night, telling them that the "Rose" boy had a "stinker" on TV that day.  For 
those of you who don't know, CA F&G wouldn't let them bring their own skunk 
into (and then back out of) CA for the TV show, so I provided mine so he 
could pretend it was his.  That's TV for you, just a bunch of pretend stuff.  
LOL  I got paid.  Michael got paid.  The whole family got a free vacation.  
Pretty good deal.


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