SK: Skunk on Saturday Night Live

Turtle Bear turtlebare at
Fri May 17 07:28:47 PDT 2002

What day will they be airing? Finally, a reason to watch this year's version 
of SNL - the writing just isn't what it used to be, the humor is mostly 
juvenile and potty, and the skunk will probably be the most talented part of 
whatever ensemble they put him in...

Question: has anyone ever brought a pet skunk on one of the late night talk 
shows? Carson used to run stuff like that, I remember.


>From: "David Feimster" <McAuliff at>
>Reply-To: skunks at
>To: <skunks at>
>Subject: SK: Skunk on Saturday Night Live
>Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 07:04:49 -0400
>Taking a one of my skunks up to do the final taping of the year for 
>Saturday Night Live for a bit,  Haven't watch the show in years so I don't 
>know what we are doing yet.

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