SK: Ct. skunk lover

Wed May 15 06:27:33 PDT 2002

  Hi all. I and my husband are doing alot of research on skunk's as pets.We 
own 6 Sugar Gliders (well they own us)... So we are use to "high maintance" 
pet's. Like I said we are still doing our reading.We did ton's before we 
purchased our  first 2 gliders.We bought the 3 books on the market and went 
on many web-sites,about 6 months of research before getting our babies:)
 What I am wondering is what are the best sites to learn info. from and are 
there any book's for keeping a Skunk as a pet? Also does anyone know if they 
a legal in CT.
         THANK YOU for your time,Larissa & Burton

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