SK: New to area

Brandie Rebich-Graham rebichgraham at
Wed May 8 20:00:57 PDT 2002

Hi, My name is Brandie Rebich-Graham, and I am new to the area of Hobart, 
IN. I have always had a thing for skunks, and have just recently heard that 
I could have one as a pet. I would love it if anyone could give me any kind 
of information regarding the process of having one of these beautiful 
creatures as a beloved family pet. If there is anyone out there that could 
be a life saver for me that would be my wish. I think that skunks are 
beautiful and I think that my love for them will progess, if I could find 
the right breeder in my area. That is pretty much all I wanted to know. 
Thank you for you time in reading this,
Brandie Rebich-Graham
rebichgraham at
Bran151 at

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