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Fri Jun 21 09:16:05 PDT 2002

Peri wrote:

Gee, Grandma, three new babies at one time?! You are brave, 
masochistic, or both.

I reply:
I don't consider myself either brave or masochistic...
it's just that at this age in my life they provide the most
satisfactory love object I can imagine.

I've never had human babies (don't want any) and after years of puppies, a
baby skunk is quite a challenge. Not the puppy, not the kitty! But I love
mine to pieces! Still I don't know how ppl raise human babies they are much
more demanding, tempermental, and Messy! Peri

My reply:
Wait!!!  You will find that baby skunks are more demanding, more 
temperamental, and considerably more messy than any human baby.... 
BUT it's worth it!!

For instance:  This morning I'm trying to figure out why a five-week 
old small four-inch creature weighing less than a pound cannot be 
contained in a full size playpen that a 14month-old 20 lb
baby could play in for months.

I have to admit that in the last few years I had forgotten the 
pitfalls of the newborn.   Caesar had not been in the house for two 
hours before he was lost twice-- once in an incredibly 2-inch crevice 
which he crawled into... he did not fall into it.

but...  I'm the happiest I've been in several months....  come on 
world-- bring on the next challenge.

grandma tracelene
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