SK: new baby in the house!from Peri

Peri marlin at
Tue Jun 18 09:28:05 PDT 2002

I have received a new arrival 5 week of , silver/white baby girl skunk .
Hubby named her "Lil Girl". She is a delight and at times a holy terror! She
started with a little dysentery at first. Then I added more veggies and cut
the back the moistened puppy food to 10% of her diet. She tends to prefer
fruit to her veggies, I use Veg-all canned, and hubby thinks I need to mash
her veggies a bit more since she still has baby teeth/ She is 6 weeks old
today, and has paper trained every well. You weren't kidding when you said
they want a clean litter box! if she has kicked enough chips and newspaper
out, she won't use it! She can't use Advantage flea for three more weeks the
vet said, so other than trying to pick her fur through for fleas, and I did
give her a bath today which she tolerated better than I thought she we. She
is going through the infamous stage of wanting to nibble fingers and toes,
especially when she is hungry! We are saying "No" loudly and putting herdown
as you suggested, but is this something she is doing because she is teething
or is she being aggressive? Please advise  on all the a bove. Please excuse
the typing I'm having problems centering my widow box nd it is miking spell
check difficult. She keeps trying to get under the couch and we've stuffed
towels underneath the perimeters, and she still goes right to getting to
digging them out. She used to fall asleep immediately after playing
enthusiastically wit us in our arms. Now it's like she'd  too wound up and
can't fall asleep unless she is put in her bed and then she'll stay asleep
if we go back and hold her under  our shirts, which I understand is
important to  bond with them as much as possible.

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