SK: FW: Norton AntiVirus detected a virus in a message you received. The...

SkunkLady2 at SkunkLady2 at
Mon Jun 17 16:52:21 PDT 2002

In a message dated 06/17/2002 7:47:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
largmarg2000 at writes:

<< i don't think its coming from the list. >>

Definitely not Brian.  : )   It is coming from Address Books and there are 
MANY of us on these lists who are in MANY addressbooks!!!!  

Ah well.......just do NOT download ANYTHING until you write to your sender 
and ASK if they really did send you something!!!!

I got virus mail/attachments today a total of 7 far, including 
one with this same Subject line.  This virus is bigger than anyone knows and 
it will take CO-OPERATION to end it.....but since when do humans co-operate???


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