SK: animals gone

Karla Sollie ksollie at
Mon Jun 10 09:25:50 PDT 2002

That is one explanation, but here there has been very, very little
rain.  I know what you mean and feeling totally helpless when flooding
comes to the dens.  I have watched entire prairie dog towns trying to
move their babies out---with the coyote families sitting and waiting. 
Nature will usually make it's own adjustments, IF we leave it alone. 
Too many times we are the cause of the animals either leaving an area of
being killed out :(   The ones that fascinate me the most are the
coyotes.  They have learned to live in spite of us!!  Gotta give them
credit for it :)  For the skunks we are their biggest enemy--except for
the owls.  That's why I can't figure out why I am not seeing them.

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