SK: Skunk copper cookie cutters (can't get on eBay)

Mon Feb 12 16:07:39 PST 2001

Just finished my prototype.  To have them made up for me and get wholesale 
prices I have to get orders for 50.  They are copper and beautifully 
detailed.  You can't get them anywhere else.

If you want to see a couple of my cookie cutter ornaments, you can see the 
design on my web site under Products.  These are not 
the cheap tin ones you normally buy.

If you want to add any other animals to the order (prairie dogs, raccoon, 
pigs, horses, practically anything) let me know and I'll add it to the order. 
 They are $12 each plus S/H.

I can also get black food coloring, black and white edible cookie glitter, 
etc. to decorate the cookies once you've made some.  These decorated skunk 
cookies make good fundraising items.  I've gotten anywhere from $1-2 per 
cookie at certain events.

Baby season is coming soon and this is to raise funds for their care.


P.S.  Please let me know privately

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