SK: WalMart Has Another Pepe

Tracelene Barrett-Prima tracelene at
Sat Feb 3 05:43:59 PST 2001

Okay Guys... for those of us who are too old to be in the know..

speak English....  what are SUV and PUC?


>In a message dated 2/2/01 8:19:13 PM Pacific Standard Time,
>THUMPERCC at writes:
><< WalMart now has a Pepe SUV LOL It has Penelope behind the wheel of a SUV
> and Pepe leaning forward from the back seat.... Penelope has a horrified
> look on her face... I wonder what he's suggesting? Vanisa is calling it
> the "Love Bug"
>  >>
>OH, if anyone finds one, please grab an extra for me.  I collect Pepe PVC's.
>How much is it?  IS it a PVC??  How big is it?  I'll be glad to reimburse you
>for it and shipping, if it is what I think it is and not too big.  (running
>out of room)

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