SK: Twon't work!!!!

Thu Feb 1 18:51:14 PST 2001

That's good to know Lou.  I must have had another brand or a faulty one.  
Also never had luck with those flea gizmos either.


<< Really?  My parents had rats and mice in thier attic and 
 put in one of these sort of things, and it works really 
 well on those.  I was wondering - hoping really - that 
 they'd work on skunks.  Sounds like in this case, they 
 As far as rats and mice go... the environment it's in, 
 type of unit, and tolerance of the rodents in question 
 have lots to do with the effectiveness.  As Mom and Dad 
 had such good luck with one, I'd try one before I used 
 poison or traps.  Getting the critters to just leave is 
 much preferable to killing them. >>

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