SK: educational skunks

Thu Feb 1 14:24:20 PST 2001

In a message dated 2/1/01 1:45:54 PM Pacific Standard Time, milkmans at 

<< Conversation was permits, You were takin about "How you did it "
 My point was you didn't do it.>>

A LOT has changed in the last year...... 
> But, I AM speaking from personal experience because I know about 100 people
 > in CA that HAVE gotten their educational permits as I suggested!
<< CA      exactly my next point  , we were discussing N.Y. different state
 then where you have your experience. >>

I have members, Chapters and colleagues in every state and Canada.  There IS 
such a thing as the internet....  I network with wildlife rehabilitators and 
educators worldwide.  And like I said so clearly, I was offering suggestions 
that have worked for me, others in CA, and all across the nation.  Is that 

You aren't the ONLY one who is allowed to give a suggestion.  Was I 
pooh-pooing all over your suggestions?????  


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