SK: educational skunks

Dave&Leona milkmans at
Thu Feb 1 13:44:45 PST 2001

I would have had my
> own permits years ago if I could have afforded to live in an area where
> animals were allowed.

Conversation was permits, You were takin about "How you did it "
My point was you didn't do it.

 But, I AM speaking from personal experience because I know about 100 people
> in CA that HAVE gotten their educational permits as I suggested!

CA      exactly my next point  , we were discussing N.Y. different state
then where you have your experience.

> Why do you have to pick everything I say apart and try to make it into
> something it is not???????????

Share, I said  ONE THING. You do not have a permit and you were talking as
if "you" did it.
I believe it is  my post that is being picked apart.

 Boy with comments like THIS, this certainly isn't helping the skunk world
> education!!!  Are you insinuating that I am letting people kiss and fondle
> them??  You make it sound like people can get rabies from just being in
> same room with them

OMG, You must be getting paranoid or something.I didn't  SAY anything to
insinuate  YOU do anything.
We were talking N.Y. , I said "people" meaning someone who is trying to get
an educational permit without the proper background or experience.
"showing" or "exhibiting" at skunk shows [ Not held in N.Y.] would be easier
to obtain a permit for.

 AND THIS ISN'T ".....taking a skunk all over the place where it could have
> access to the public..." ????????

Skunk shows are not in N.Y. they would be shown in "other" states which N.Y.
would consider not their problem.

Why don't you practice what you preach
> rather than always waiting like a vulture to pounce on everything I say
> do??

I believe you are the one acting like a vulture.

Yeah, and here in CA

The conversation was N.Y. , I had experience with F & G and USDA with
skunks in N.Y.

> I'm sorry Lou and everyone else, but I just couldn't sit back and let her
> flame me in this way.

You are the ONLY one FLAMING !
You read into my post like it was a personal attack on you.
The world does not revolve around you .
This entire conversation was about DOMESTIC SKUNKS .
You handle wild skunks , educational permits are for wildlife and  people
with that experience.

Teal asked for info and I told her what I know about DOMESTIC SKUNKS in N.Y.
because THAT
is what I do.
Domestic only, I Will not get involved with wild.

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