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<< How you did it ?
 Last I remember you posting on the subject , you still do not have your OWN
 So technically you haven't done it yet.
 I don't think Teal is planning to wait six years.>>

As USUAL, you are your tactful and pleasant self!  LOL  I would have had my 
own permits years ago if I could have afforded to live in an area where these 
animals were allowed.  Just like in NY and most states (even the legal ones), 
you can't just have them in any city or situation.  NOW that I own my own 
home in an area that is ZONED for what I am doing, everything is set.  BTW, 
for years I have been on other permits to educate, for movie/TV performances, 
and to rehabilitate (for 48 hours).  This allowed me to do what I needed to 
do on a smaller scale.

But, I AM speaking from personal experience because I know about 100 people 
in CA that HAVE gotten their educational permits as I suggested!

Why do you have to pick everything I say apart and try to make it into 
something it is not???????????
<< No, an exhibitors permit is easier to get. N.Y.doesn't want some one taking
 a skunk all over the place where it could have access to the public.>>

Boy with comments like THIS, this certainly isn't helping the skunk world of 
education!!!  Are you insinuating that I am letting people kiss and fondle 
them??  You make it sound like people can get rabies from just being in the 
same room with them.  You are wrong.  There isn't one state that I know of 
that doesn't welcome educators that take animals to schools, libraries, etc. 
= = = = access to the public.
What do you think the special shows are at all zoos???  This very same thing. 
 They walk around the crowd holding their raccoons, owls, foxes, etc.
<< I suggested to Teal that she inquire about an exhibitors permit for the
 purpose of "showing" or exhibiting the skunk at various skunk shows.>>

AND THIS ISN'T ".....taking a skunk all over the place where it could have 
access to the public..." ????????  Why don't you practice what you preach 
rather than always waiting like a vulture to pounce on everything I say and 

<<It IS POSSIBLE to legally own a skunk in  N.Y.
 I had a permit from the State and USDA.
 I forgot WHO it was but at the time someone  suggested I  apply for an
 exhibitors permit>>

Yeah, and here in CA we USED to be able to have ANY kind of animal and 
without permits.  Policies change annually, sometimes in less time.  Just 
because you were able to do this once, doesn't mean that it can be done now.  
Also it all depends on where it is.  If you were able to, you were lucky.  I 
wish anyone luck who is trying to do this.  I was ONLY trying to offer 
suggestions, NOT be shot at with your ever-flowing arrows.

I'm sorry Lou and everyone else, but I just couldn't sit back and let her 
flame me in this way.  I've bitten my tongue for too long!


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