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> How did I get on digest?
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There's a bunch of settings that you can make for yourself.  The URL there
on the bottom of every message from the list has the keys to the kingdom.
Open it up in a browser.

There are pointers to the group archives, how one can subscribe, or
unsubscribe, and, at the bottom, a way to change your settings.  Enter
your email address in that last field and click "Edit Options".

On the Options page, scroll down and use the radio buttons to set the
options you want.  Then, fill in your password (it gets mailed to you
every month) and click "Submit my changes".

You can also change your password from the random garbage the list
assigned you to something you might actually be able to remember.
Personally, I just keep one of the reminder messages and look it up when I
need it.

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