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Sun Dec 16 11:48:01 PST 2001

Skunks are (or at least were) legal in certain providences and/or
territories the last time that I checked.

As far as the Canada rescue.  The ministry of natural resources repeatedly
gave notice to the breeders that the laws were in the process of changing.
The breeders (as far as I know) did not respond (thinking that they were
grandfathered) until the law was already approved and in effect.

The ministry gave the breeders extensions on the deadlines to have all of
the animals removed from Canada.  If they wanted only to kill the skunks,
there would have been NO extension.

OOPS ( stepped in and worked with the Canadian and US
officials to have the skunks relocated to the US.  Yes, there was a ton of
paperwork that had to be done, but once again if they only wanted to kill
the skunks they could have told me to drop dead.

The day that we picked up the canadian skunks, the ministry officials helped
us transfer (actually lifting and carrying) the skunks (descented and
non-descented) to the transport vehicle, categorize, and organize the
skunks.  This is far more than our local game commission officer will ever
do. Ours will not even touch a skunk.

There were a few skunks that were in shall we say "not perfect" condition.
While talking with the ministry officer that was overseeing the removal, I
told him that these skunks would probably not survive the trip to their new
home.  He asked me to do all that I could to stabalize the skunks and give
them the chance to make the trip.  Otherwise he would have to euthanize them
before he left the premises.  Which he didn't want to do, but would have to
do, because it was his job.

I'm sure everyone of you have had a job where you have had to do something
you really didn't want to do.  It is no different with some of the
individuals in the animal law enforcement fields.

Once again, if all they really wanted to do is kill the skunks, the skunks
would be dead.

Brad Kessler

Very true Cheryl, skunks are not wanted in Canada or British Columbia.
There were numerous special permits required from not only the Canadian
govt but the US govt. in order to accomplish the Canadian rescue.  The
Canadian officals wanted only to get them out of the country or they
would gladly step in and put them all, including the babies, some being
just a week or more old, down.

Ginny Laut, Founder/President ADSA Inc.
 ADSA, the nationwide rescue team.!!!!

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