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Wed Dec 12 04:36:40 PST 2001

Yes, great to hear from Steve!
I can't believe all this comotion about this skunkduck!  Well, actually
it is cute but you all realize we are going nuts over a duck with blue
eyes that is painted black and white,  right??????  
cheryl r

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>Hi all, yes, I still subscribe to the list. :) I noticed the long
>about the rubber ducks, and had to mention that a store on my route
>carries these. I think they are asking $10 for them. Not sure how many
>they have, but if anyone wants one bad enough, contact me privately and
>I'll see if I can help.
>Steve Plunkett

How nice to hear from you Steve.  Almost makes me sorry I already
have one of the ducks.
grandma tracelene
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