SK: Update

tiresta tiresta at
Wed Dec 12 04:27:26 PST 2001

Since it was requested, here's a brief update. Things have been very
hectic this year, been traveling a lot, and doing a number of shows. As
for Fifi, I haven't used her a lot, as she is showing signs of wear. I
need to contact the builder to see about making repairs. Next April she
turns 10 years old. :) I will be advertising myself as being a puppeteer
for 10 years as a result.

As for the Ohio show, I will probably miss it. Frustrating thing is, I
am planning to be in Ohio a week later to perform at a convention in
Columbus. I'll be there the weekend before memorial Day. I do want to
attend another show and be a judge again, I'll keep checking to see when
and where they are.

Steve Plunkett

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