SK: Fanatic skunk collectors only

Tracelene tracelene at
Tue Dec 11 11:23:35 PST 2001

>In a message dated 12/11/2001 11:49:54 AM Eastern Standard Time,
>tracelene at writes:
><< Except for the price....  the price in the "stores" that I looked at had
>it at close to $20.00.  >>
>OUCH Grandma......was that for the whole line or just the Skunkduck?  Toys R
>Us carries them here.....and the other ducks are only $4.99
>American Free Enterprise.........ain't it great??????  LOL

Well, you know I am out here in the hinterland and I don't go into
the big towns much for shopping.  We do have a small Wal-Mart
and several EXPENSIVE gift shops (tourist area, you know)... so
what I saw were prices on the Internet and they're not known
to be equitable.  PU Scent just arrived and is in a place of honor
in the guest bathroom.  Maybe I'll put it in the hot tub.  It' will
get more use there.
grandma tracelene

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