SK: Fanatic skunk collectors only

Tracelene tracelene at
Tue Dec 11 08:46:29 PST 2001

>Augusta has several outlets for the RubbaDucks.....and not a single one has
>or HAS  HAD the Skunk Duck...I've been watching for has my
>daughter in another state and my son in yet a third state.

You're absolutely right, Shelor.  Except for the price....  the price in the
"stores" that I looked at had it at close to $20.00.   'The first time it was
on Ebay it didn't sell. I wasn't being very vigilant and it got by 
me.   I contacted the lady to relist it and I finally got it, and
although someone was bidding against me, I still got it for less than $20.
On Ebay  it said it was put out by Department 56.  When I contacted 
our local Department 56 retailer....   she hadn't even heard of it. 
It should arrive
any day now.  I forgot to research Department 56 under the Igive
shopping mall.   Maybe you'd have some luck there.
grandma tracelene

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