SK: Fanatic skunk collectors only

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Tue Dec 11 05:57:56 PST 2001

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RoyerC at writes:

<< Now you have the perfect Christmas gift for that skunk collector that
 thought they had everything!!!!   >>


The duck is almost impossible to find....and I've seen it sell on eBay for 4 
and 5 times the $4.99 it's SUPPOSED to cost.  Either there are WAY MORE skunk 
collectors than we know of.......or the stores have a choice of which to 
order and their attitude is "WHO would want a duck that looks like that?"

Augusta has several outlets for the RubbaDucks.....and not a single one has 
or HAS  HAD the Skunk Duck...I've been watching for has my 
daughter in another state and my son in yet a third state.


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