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Sun Dec 9 18:57:46 PST 2001

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My son in law set up a data base for me so that I could track my
collection.  When I started my collection 30 plus years ago I cataloged
each item.  So I have a number for each one and that number is on each one.
 I too put semi like items together just as you have mentioned but then I
can cross reference or find an item by number or by description or maker
etc.  I don't number every single item (for instance tee shirts do not
carry a number).  I have close to 2000 different items (duplicates do not
receive a number but are listed in the data base).  When I number the item
I also write a description, the date I got it, who gave it to me or where
it came from (states or countries) and how much it cost at purchase if I
have that information.  I do not have any plush or toys in the collection
because there were too many, too big, and not even skunk like at times.  So
the ones that are around are toys for children to play with.  I do not
number post cards, greeting cards, wrapping paper, etc.  
I don't know if that helps you but I feel that I know each piece so well
that I could find almost immediately - they are all on display in my home
in shadow boxes, curio cabinets. walls, etc.

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