SK: Massachusetts skunks?

igotcatstoo at igotcatstoo at
Thu Dec 6 14:14:22 PST 2001

Hi, I'm on Brad's waiting list for next years babies and this will be my
first.  I AM SO EXCITED!!!  I have been reading closely so as to learn
as much as possible.  What I'd like to know is what kind of cage do you
get to keep them in at night?  Should it be an open cage (such as a
puppy training crate) or do they prefer to be in more of a closed in
cage like a pet carrier?   As they get older you give them more freedom,
I know, but I want to get a cage that's going to comfort him/her and not
traumatize the poor little baby.  Any other info on what I will need as
far as bedding, toys, etc. will be appreciated.  These are going to be
my Christmas gifts from my family.  I know that just like any kid, you
get them a toy, they'll play with the box.  

"The Lord will come like a thief in the night" R U Ready?

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