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Thu Dec 6 11:32:28 PST 2001

Sorry the "Skunk Inn" is full here!  

I have only one "nut case" right now, that is "psycho biddy". Actually
she has improved quite a bit in the last few months.  She doesn't scream
and attack me any longer.  I can now scratch her hinnie without fear of
losing my hand, or any other body part that might be in reach.   She was
not abused, just downright at everyone and everything when her
owner of 3 years had to get rid of her.   

cheryl r

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<< I think I had the male version of your Whorella, >>  Oh MAN!!!  

Why couldn't they have lived in the same house!!!  YOURS!!!  : D

Sadie was a WONDERFUL skunk.....but she drove my males absolutely
She truly, WITH WITNESSES, would line them up and 
back up to one after the other.  If they didn't comply, she SAT on their


She was THE dominatrix of the animal world!!!

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