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Wed Dec 5 12:37:25 PST 2001

I believe it took (could be wrong) 7 years for the ferret vaccine to be
accepted after the rabies challenge was completed and approved by the USDA
and CDC.

brad kessler

homehold at wrote:

> You're right, Brad. Some states restrict handling of rabies vector
> rescues. I didn't clarify myself by saying the rehabbers who _could_
> accept them, although I believe more and more states are restricting
> contact who didn't before. And I think there may be a state or two who
> prohibit rehab of vector species at all? (Someone out there who has the
> rehab info, speak up here?) And I don't find anything wrong with someone
> who is in a risk area deciding the risk is too much for their peace of
> mind after they do the research. All I originally objected to was a
> blanket statement type comment that might come across as expert
> information for a whole species. I was trying to suggest saying "_some_
> dogs have fleas" instead of "dogs have fleas" type thing.
> Share,
> More clarification on that. I meant I didn't think it would help the
> rabies _reputation_ of the wild skunk in the near future. If we get
> Imrab3 approved, and you have a release skunk vaccinated and the next
> week someone turns it in for a bite, how do you prove which wild skunk
> has been vaccinated and which has not? You can tattoo, but then you have
> the extra costs to the rehabber and all the extra record keeping, etc,
> etc. I can't see most F&G easing off on their attitudes just because we
> happen to get a vaccination approved for use in pet skunks. After a
> long, long time... Possibly. I hope I'm wrong. I'd be ecstatic if it
> does ease things quickly on the wild skunk population.
> Lou,
> I'm sorry I opened this can of worms.... Literally.
> Carol
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