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Some rehabbers may turn skunks and raccoons away because they are required
to do so.  In PA you have to a a special classification of rehabber to
accept animals (vector species)that are on the vector list.  This includes
skunks and fox among others in PA.

Brad Kessler

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Thanks! I have the number saved :-) Whenever possible, I like
information from someone who is doing actual research into the subject
because some of the people considered experts have biased opinions. I
know vets who will look you in the eye and _swear_ that skunks can pass
rabies from generation to generation and _never_ show clinical signs.
The CDC says there is no true "carrier" animal, yet most people would
take the vet's word and never think to check the CDC database. And I
admit, I used to do the same!

I've never heard of a rehabber who contracted BA, either, but have heard
of several who turn them away because of BA and/or rabies. And of
course, there are several who turn down skunks because of rabies, as
well. Unfortunately, even after we get a vaccine for our domestic
skunks, this probably won't change for their wild cousins....


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