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Royer, Cheryl RoyerC at
Wed Apr 25 05:54:46 PDT 2001

GREAT, Congratulations  on the taping of the Show.  A big thanks to you
David, and to Share for helping out.  She helped out the Indiana Club a
couple years ago by providing a skunk for one of our club members David Rose
that was on the Jay Lenno Show.

Sorry about the flight back and all the trouble you had.

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> I would like to thank Share for helping and bring her skunks down for the
> taping. 
> Sunday we taped a segment for the To Tell the Truth. Didn't fool to many,
> but if they don't edit it down to much we got allot of good information
> and PR about skunks on. The show will air sometime in November.
> Only problem I had was catching the red eye back From LA to Newark they
> put a nut case next to me that the police & medical staff took away in
> Newark. Needles to say I didn't get any sleep but still made it into the
> classroom by 8:00 AM
> David

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