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I usually use 1 advantage for under 9 lbs. for the two skunks and use it once every 2 or 3 months.  I'm not fond of chemicals so the less the better.  Seems to be OK even in Fla.  BTW, good luck everyone in the Alabama show!!!  I'm sure it will be a riproaring success considering the people running it.  I will be with you in spirit since I teach in an area that there are no substitutes and the only reason to be out is your own death!!!!  Times are tough.  Good fun to all!!!!!!
Lynnda Butler
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  I use Advantage on my cats and dog, this usually takes care of the flea problem for my skunks.  I use a flea comb on the skunks to get off the ocassional flea.   I know some people use Advantage on their skunks, but for me using it on the other animals controls the fleas.

  Some input on those using Advantage would be nice.  How about it?
  Tell us what you like/dislike about using Advantage on your skunks.
  cheryl r
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    Does anyone have a preference for skunk flea control?  She rarely gets outdoors, but we have a cat who likes to get out from time to time.  He has a flea collar; is there something we should do for our skunk?
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