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Tue Aug 15 16:46:25 PDT 2000

What state is this in????  I don't think we are that lucky down here in Fla.

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Date: Tuesday, August 15, 2000 1:03 AM
Subject: SK: OT-Incredible Astronomical Sights Tonight

>    WOW!!  Is anyone else awake??  I have just seen one of the most
>spectacular sights in the sky ever!  August 11 is my son's birthday and is
>one of the peak nights of the Annual Perseids Meteor shower.  It has been
>family tradition all of Michael's 21 years to try and see the meteor
>    Tonight, the astronomical news said that after the moon went down at
>am, the sky would be clear and dark enough to see the meteors.  We weren't
>able to go where is is dark  this year (we live in a major metropolitan
>city);  everyone else konked out, so I went out by myself to look at thw
>stars.  Sheilding my eyes from the streetlights and porch lights, I watched
>the sky.  I grew aware of a kind of a strobe light in the Northern sky.  I
>watched it for a while and grew amazed as I realized that I was seeing the
>NORTHERN LIGHTS!!!  I have never seen them before.  Everyone got up and for
>an hour we were treated to an amazing light show.  The light was mostly a
>brilliant green and came in undulating waves across the skies, stretching
>further and further until an entire half of the sky was lit up by
>green waves.  Every so often the lights were punctuated by streaming
>coming from the direction of Cassiopea.  I have been an amateur astronomer
>all my life and I have NEVER seen a sky like this.  I can only imagine how
>brilliant those lights must have been in the dark countryside.  Did anyone
>else see them tonight?
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