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Tue Aug 15 16:46:40 PDT 2000

However, he had every right under the constitution to resist the spot
searches, which are in violation of his constitutional rights.  But
then, CA tends to ignore the constitution as a rule..  One of the
reasons I moved to Texas

SKUNKS10 at wrote:
> Not the correct story.
> << However, the head of Ferrets Anonymous WAS jailed for harboring
>  'dangerous wild animals' domesticated ferrets. >>
> I know Pat Wright and the current officers of FA.  He was jailed for not
> opening the door for a warrant, and when they kicked the door in, he was
> taken in for brandishing a knife to protect his home and family.  They
> wouldn't have given him ANY jail time if he would have agreed to let them
> come spot check any time they want.  He opted to take jail time so he
> wouldn't have to put up with that kind of hassle.
> This is a very unusual situation and they were trying to make an example of
> him because of the whole CA ferret thing.
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