SK: OT-Incredible Astronomical Sights Tonight

AntaresTCH at AntaresTCH at
Sat Aug 12 01:39:40 PDT 2000

    WOW!!  Is anyone else awake??  I have just seen one of the most 
spectacular sights in the sky ever!  August 11 is my son's birthday and is 
one of the peak nights of the Annual Perseids Meteor shower.  It has been our 
family tradition all of Michael's 21 years to try and see the meteor shower.
    Tonight, the astronomical news said that after the moon went down at 3:30 
am, the sky would be clear and dark enough to see the meteors.  We weren't 
able to go where is is dark  this year (we live in a major metropolitan 
city);  everyone else konked out, so I went out by myself to look at thw 
stars.  Sheilding my eyes from the streetlights and porch lights, I watched 
the sky.  I grew aware of a kind of a strobe light in the Northern sky.  I 
watched it for a while and grew amazed as I realized that I was seeing the 
NORTHERN LIGHTS!!!  I have never seen them before.  Everyone got up and for 
an hour we were treated to an amazing light show.  The light was mostly a 
brilliant green and came in undulating waves across the skies, stretching 
further and further until an entire half of the sky was lit up by shimmering 
green waves.  Every so often the lights were punctuated by streaming meteors, 
coming from the direction of Cassiopea.  I have been an amateur astronomer 
all my life and I have NEVER seen a sky like this.  I can only imagine how 
brilliant those lights must have been in the dark countryside.  Did anyone 
else see them tonight?

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