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I truly believe that most Conservation officers don't have a clue about
skunks and their care.  Most have no idea about a proper diet.  Most do have
information about the housing of skunks at least what the state requires as
to size and etc.
I believe they can confiscate an animal and impose a fine if in violation of
the law.  For instance there could be a hefty fine imposed by an
conservation officer if a person is holding wildlife illegally (not having a
wild animal permit in this state) 
The fine could be $$ per violation (meaning per animal).  I called last year
to find out what happens to someone that has skunks without a permit and
this is what I was told.
cheryl r

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Suggestions from the group:  got a call......person turns in a pet store to
F&G, for what he believes is improper feeding of a skunk in a pet
store....F&G person sounds like a real _____ and wants to come out and
inspect the person's house and to "tell him a few things about skunks"
Somehow, though, this F&G person doesn't know that cat food is improper.
What are the regulations or what does an F&G officer have the right to do?
Have a warrant to inspect?  Touch the skunk?  Inspect what?  With just
cause?  Those of you that have dealt with good F&G persons, could you check
please?????  I told him to call the guy I've dealt with in the past hoping
he's still in the same office.  In the meantime, I thought I'd check with
ya'll.   Might be some good information for all of us to keep in our
files......just what IS their job and what CAN they do?????? legally?????
Lynnda Butler
Florida Skunks As Pets, Inc
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