SK: 12 Skunks put to death due to illegal importation!

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Wed Aug 9 19:23:07 PDT 2000

Brad, Thank heavens you happened to find out about this and save those 
little skunks!
Three Cheers for the OOPS!!!!!
cheryl r

>From: "Brad Kessler (OOPS)" <skunk at>
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>Subject: SK: 12 Skunks put to death due to illegal importation!
>Date: Wed, Aug 9, 2000, 2:43 PM

>12 Skunks put to death due to illegal importation!
>This is what tomorrow's Philadelphia Inquirer may have said.
>Lucky for the skunks it won't.
>What may have caused this awful headline, you ask?
>Well, some genius decided to make money by filling up a red school bus
>full of animals (over 2000) and stopping at pet stores along the East
>coast and selling them.  Well,
> importing skunks into PA without proper permits is illegal
> affecting commerce by selling skunks is illegal without USDA licenses
> Transporting skunks in the US without proper paperwork is illegal
> And that doesn't include all the local laws that were broken.
>This genius decided to drive by the republican convention, where
>officers were looking for a red bus for an unrelated reason.  They
>stopped him and saw/smelled the animals and he was taken into custody.
>The animals were moved to a safe house for the time being.
>Now let me explain how the law is usually interpreted in PA on illegal
>importation of any animal.
> The animals are KILLED!
>The skunks were lucky this time though, OOPS (Owners Of Pet Skunks)
>members heard about the big red bus and the confiscation.  The safe
>house was tracked down and we have spent the last week working with
>officials to find a better outcome for the animals.  As of 8/9/2000 at
>3:15 OOPS is allowed to place the skunks in homes outside of PA.
>The skunks are domestic bred, and healthy.  One was found dead in the
>big red bus and was tested for rabies.  All skunks are young, guestimate
>8 weeks.  As is OOPS policy, no rescue skunk will go to a first time
>skunk owner.
>The skunks were lucky this time, and they did nothing wrong.  But it
>almost cost them their lives.  Please think before you import skunks
>illegally.  There is a reason that the breeders must be USDA licensed
>and state licensed.  The more times skunks are brought into (skunk
>friendly) states illegally, the better the chance that laws are passed
>to ban skunks in that state.  You aren't helping skunk ownership, your
>hurting it!  If you can't afford to purchase a skunk from a licensed
>breeder, then you can't afford to get it spayed/neutered, or feed it, or
>care for it, especially in any medical emergency.  I'm just asking you
>to THINK before you illegally import into an already legal skunk state.
>In 1999 alone, 4 of the largest skunk breeders in the US were
>scrutinized under a fine tooth comb because of 3 illegally imported
>skunks and forged USDA paperwork.  The investigation has lasted 11+
>months.  It involved breeders from Iowa to Pennsylvania.  None were
>involved.  It took much of their time, but they all keep very good
>paperwork and facilities.  Once again, illegally imported skunks have
>hurt the chance of legal skunks in all 50 states.  Especially if skunk
>breeders start to shutdown because of such investigations and hassles.
>How do you explain your pet skunks then, if there are no domestic skunk
>Sorry for the tangent, it just peeves me when intelligent people do
>ignorant things.
>Back to the rescue.  This time the skunks may be rescued, the next
>they may not be so lucky.
>Brad Kessler
>Owners Of Pet Skunks
>PS.  This is referring mainly to importing skunks illegally into skunk
>friendly states, not importing into illegal skunk states.  Thats another
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