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<< diluted 2% milk for the past two days. >>

That will kill them.  They need to be on KMR (kitten replacement milk) and 
get to a wildlife rehabber FAST.  Look on my web site 
and under Skunk Counselors you will find rehabbers in your area.  If they 
help skunks, they will for sure help raccoons.

If they call Animal Control, they will KILL them.

Share Bond, President
S.K.U.N.K.S. (Society of Kind Understanding for Not Killing Skunks)
Rescue, rehabilitation, release studies, statistical research, education, and 
protection of all skunks
Author of book "Stinky Business:  How To Rehabilitate Skunks"
Producer of video "Rescue, Handling and Care of Wild Skunks"

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