[28owners] Corsair 28R Florida Racing

Michael Zotzky mzotzky at houston.rr.com
Tue Jan 2 17:24:56 PST 2007

The Sarasota Sailing Squadron's "Hangover Reggatta" had a six boat
multi-hull fleet, with three Corsair 28Rs - Valdek Kwasniewski, John
Kremski, and Kathryn Garlick finishing in that order amongst the 28Rs  (the
rest were stilletto cats).  Very steady 15 knot winds, one race about an
hour and a half long made for a great way to bring in the new year. A very
light rain while rigging cleared up just at the start, and stayed clear
until loading back up on the trailer after the race.  I always enjoy
travelling to the Sarasota Sailng Squadron's races, and this was no
exception.  They put on the usual excellent race!

Looks like everyone is going to be pretty busy this month with Key West and
next month with the St. Pete NOODS, so looking forward to those two.

In March, the Punta Gorda Sailng Club hosts the Conquistador Cup on March
10-11th.  I spoke with the Race Chairman today, he said he can make
arrangements for overnight trailer parking & dockage for us and will do a
separate start if we have four boats (and want one!).  
Anybody else interested in bringing their boat to the Conquistador Cup?

Being a new C28R owner, I am trying to figure out the best regattas to go to
- still up in the air for April, May.  Anyone have any favorite regattas?
If we can try to plan ahead as a group, with as many florida boats as there
are we should be able to get a pretty good one design circuit race series

Looking forward to hearing suggested regattas to promote for the C28R around
the state, and seeing you all at Key West!!

John Kremski, CCIM
Direct: 239-425-6017
FAX 239-425-6004

7051 Cypress Terrace Suite 110, First Floor
Fort Myers, FL 33907

Gates, D'Alessandro, Woodyard, LLC

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