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North American Corsair 28 Class Association


Electronic Newsletter - Volume 19 - February 2007




Election balloting is over, and the new slate of Officers were elected with
unanimous support.  Your new North American Corsair 28 Class Association
Officers are:


Bob Harkrider, President (who previously served as Class Measurer)

Tom Reese, Vice President (returning for another term as VP)

Bert Kornyei, Secretary/Treasurer (returning as well)

Peter Katcha, Measurer (new to the group!)


Now something else to note, while these guys are the official Class
Officers, a lot of really good work gets done by regional people who help
organize and garner attendance at regional events.  A good example is Marc
Waters, who has been Fleet Coordinator for events in Texas for several
years, and through his effort has assured excellent turnout at Texas NOOD,
Leukemia Cup, and other One Design events.  That entails emailing or calling
local owners, offering help with crew, information for traveling boats who
are not familiar with the area, and typically supplying a bottle of rum for
"tailgate parties" afterwards.  There is also coordination with the two
yacht clubs, and we have an excellent reputation with them.  They set
distant windward marks for our trimaran speedsters, and invite us to all of
the races.  And a lot of this success is attributed to Marc, and others that
lead the charge before him.


What I am trying to say is that do not leave it to the Officers of a
National organization to grow Class participation, but instead grow
participation at a local/fleet level and have the National organization
provide help as it can.  Believe me, after eleven years as Corsair Class
Officer of one magnitude or another, the fleet building and Class growth has
to start at the regional level.  And finally, a lot has been written by
people like Peter Johnstone and US Sailing forums on growth of One Design
Classes, and contrary to popular belief, it has little to do with event
management or race committees, or race courses.  It is all about what
happens before and after the racing - specifically the social program.
Helping people with boat issues, tuning sessions at the races, getting the
back of the fleet up to speed, happy hour . I think you get the picture.


ACURA KEY WEST 2007 - Corsair 28R National Championship


The Corsair 28R's had a great attendance at Key West last month, with 14
boats on the line.  FOURTEEN BOATS.  So cool!  The group was blessed with
great weather for the entire week, including a bit more wind on the final
day of racing.  Todd Hudgins and the Finish Line gang on Dealers Choice have
once again dominated the Key West competition.  Dealers Choice had a third
place in race one - which was their throw-out for scoring - and bullets in
every other race.  Second through fourth place was only separated by four
points (out of nine races sailed), with Bob Harkrider finishing second, and
new owner Peter Katcha in third.  These three boats were all competing in
the Championship fleet for Nationals honors as well.  Final results are
posted here: 




In the Presidents fleet - which consists entirely of amateur-crewed boats -
Cliff Farrah had top boat, with Tom Reese placing second.  The finish order
was decided in the last race, with Cliff sailing one of his best races of
the series to edge out Tom in the final tally.  These two boats also
finished fourth and fifth place overall, ahead of a couple of the
pro-onboard boats (Championship fleet).  Bruce Jenevein placed third in the
Presidents fleet.


Cliff Farrah wrote a nice article on their team's journey to first place in
the President's fleet.  Note that Cliff has owned the boat for less than one
year, and is new to multihull sailing.  His article is posted on the Class
website here:




On Monday night, the Corsair 28R's were one of four One Design Classes
invited to put on "Boat Speed - Tune & Trim to Win" sessions in the big
tent.  We have done this for three years, and had standing room only.
Thanks to Bob Harkrider, David Calvert, Bob Gleason, Doug Fisher and Todd
Hudgins for being on the panel this year.


During the regatta, there were daily videos posted on the Premiere Racing
website, produced by Gary Jobson.  Racing on the final day (Day 5) was shot
on the PHRF circle, which is also where the Corsair 28R's were competing.
They showed some footage of the Corsair 28R's, including onboard shots, as
well as a short interview with one of our newest owners - Cliff Farrah.
Great to see the Corsair 28R's in the spotlight at this big event.  Kudo's
to Cliff for contacting Gary in advance and arranging this.  And everyone
tell Gary Jobson thanks when you see him.  Here is a link to Jobson's video:




One other KWRW item to note.  Cliff Farrah sent me this link to a "video" of
the final race at KWRW.  Kattack installed GPS modules on each boat in our
fleet, and you can watch the race unfold with positions for all of the
boats.  Look closely and you can see which boats get lifts, or just manage
to steer higher.  (Note, you may have to paste this entire string in the
address section of Internet Explorer, as the string may be cut in half
depending upon the format you receive your email)




Finally, SPECIAL THANKS to TANYA MARSH at the Finish Line for ordering the
trophies (never knew there were so many choices!) and the foul weather gear
jackets, and getting it all to the podium at Key West.  Glass trophies and
foul weather gear jackets were awarded to the top three skippers in each
division.  Next year I would like to see the same recognition of the
Presidents fleet (amateur only crews) division, but the Class will have to
decide whether they want this race to be their Corsair 28R Nationals or not.




As you long-time Owners know, there is typically a Florida panhandle event
(at either Pensacola or Fort Walton Beach) each year - a gathering of the
many Corsair boats, and the F-25C's.  This event is normally sanctioned as
"Nationals", although this year the 28R's chose to sanction Key West Race
Week instead.  That aside, the Pensacola Yacht Club has announced some
specifics for the Florida panhandle event in 2007, and I would urge everyone
to participate.  For the non 28R One Designs, this will be your National
Championship.  For the 28R's, this likely will be billed as a regional
championship.  The other Corsair models will certainly be attending as well,
contesting their National Championship.  Look for more information to come
out on the Class List Server.  But for now, mark your calendar for the date
of April 22-27.  The current agenda includes a seminar presented by Randy
Smyth on April 22 & 23, with formal racing to begin on the 24th.


The Notice of Race, Registration Form, and Lodging Information will be
available before the end of the month.  For further information, contact
Bert Rice, Pensacola Yacht Club, Regatta Chairman, 2007 Nationals,
850.932.2093, 850.206.8498 (cell) leave a message, or Nacrajib1 at aol.com.


For 2008, a serious proposal is underway to hold the "Nationals" in New
England in the summer.  Stay tuned for more on that!




Class List Server subscription is up to almost 130 members.  Remember, this
is your direct contact with fellow Owners.  As well, Class info gets posted
there in a more-timely manner than my history of getting out E-newsletters!
If you haven't signed up, you can do it here:


Historically I have maintained a list of addresses for all of the Corsair 28
owners, and emailed this E-newsletter to the individual owners, as well as
posted on the List Server.  It would really be much easier for the Officers
just to post all correspondence on the List Server, rather than have to each
maintain Outlook lists of over 180 North American owners, and all of the
boat ownership changes that occur throughout the year.  So at some time I
would fully expect the direct-mailing to stop.  IF YOU HAVE NOT SIGNED UP,




Cliff's article was added to the Class website, and the sail certification
database will be updated soon.  But we need more articles from Owners.  So
send Bob an article on a race, a write-up on any useful modification you
have made, or anything you think would be of interest to your fellow owner.




The Class treasury started the year with $1,461.40.  Expenditures for
Nationals trophies was $1,000, which covered most of the total cost, and
Finish Line dealership covered the rest.  Paul Koch with Corsair has agreed
to reimburse the Class for the KWRW expenses.  For now though, current
treasury is $461.40, but will be back to $1,461.40 after reimbursement.
THANK YOU Paul for continued support of the Class.  


See you at the races.  Someone organize a tailgate party afterwards!
Remember "social" builds the fleets!


Michael Zotzky

Ex President

North American Corsair 28 Class Association

mzotzky at houston.rr.com



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