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Tue Apr 22 07:58:27 PDT 2003

In regards to a new foil,  from a class racing point only approved foils
should be allowed at events.  But this should not limit the development of
and upgrade to a new foil and the class rules be modified to allow the new
foil.  I do not believe it would be acceptable to allow unsanctioned next
generation rudders / daggerboards (one offs and custom designs) but once a
new design has been proven to improve performance and be durable resulting
in safe operations of the boat (including cruising and long distance racing)
then the use of the foils should be allowed by class rules.  The key items
here would be the period of adoption and the availability to all owners.
Surprise show ups do not cut it.  Approved suppliers need to be part of the
class rules for foils (my memory is that only Corsair supplied foils are

I have seen in other classes (Prindle 19 and 18-2) the introduction of new
rudders and related hardware with approval by the class to use the new and
the old versions.  In that case, the factory gave very preferential pricing
to existing owners for they could upgrade and have the same benefits as
those buying new boats.  In numbers, the class took up the factory offer and
upgraded the rudder systems on their boats.  

If the price was reasonable and the advantages clear I would upgrade and
keep my existing rudder as a spare.  

Mark Meis
C28R 140
Houston, TX

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While I certainly agree with Mr. Rome's position about racing ethics and
respecting another persons time, to me the real point is not Enloe's
unquenchable thirst to win at any cost, but as Alan Egusa pointed out,
safety comes first.
My 28CC behaves just as Alan mentioned. I know other 28CC's in SoCal to have
the same experience. If Corsair has an improvement via the Morelli and
Melvin work then I'm all for it. This is something I have mentioned to Kurt
before so I hope the attention continues. Keeping a level racing field is
important but not at the expense of safety vs. progress.

Bill Lee

Finally, for several reasons, the Class Officers felt that a change of foil
design would not be good for the Class.  Kurt=92s subsequent response was
basically thanks for the response, but if everyone is happy with what they
have, then they=92d stay with the current design.  If any Class Members feel
differently, please e-mail me (or one of the other Class Officers) DIRECTLY.
Or post on the Corsair 28 Class List Server.  (I believe the moderators want
to keep this Server for CTOA business).

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